Ukrainian vodka test. Hard quality

Besides the traditional Cahors, the Easter basket of Ukrainians usually contains harder spirits. They are ideal for pork, brawn and other homemade delicacies cooked for Easter. So as not to overshadow the celebration, ne should choose an accompaniment to satiating meat dishes with great care. However, in view of a huge variety of offerings in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the consumers to make the right choice.

The specialists of the Institute of Consumer Expertise from the capital city decided to check the quality of alcohol, which is now represented in retail. For an unprejudiced evaluation, the study was carried out jointly with Ukrmetrteststandard and Ukrainian Research Institute of Alcohol and Food Biotechnology.

The test included five samples of popular vodka brands, i.e. "Bayka", "Pervak Domashnіy Pshenychnyi", "Kozatska Rada", "Prime" and "Khlibnyi Dar". All the tested products were bought in the Kyiv trading network.

The samples were scored according to the following criteria: organoleptic (taste, color, smell, flavor), physical and chemical parameters (hardness, content of aldehydes, fusel oils, and methyl alcohol), assessment of vulnerability to falsification (bottle design, label, availability and usability of a dispenser etc.), and availability of the text information required by the consumer. Besides, a private tasting was held, which was attended by a professional taste panel and probands, i.e. ordinary consumers.

As a result, all study participants were rated high, which once again confirms the excellent quality of Ukrainian vodka.

Packaging and labeling

All test samples have almost perfect packaging design and proper labeling. The labels contain all information required by the consumer, including the vodka composition, alcohol class used ("deluxe") etc. Also, the producers approached the issue of protection against counterfeiting responsibly. The bottles are equipped with dispensers, have thermal signs, the labels are made with a high-end printing and have a protective coating. "Pervak Domashnіy Pshenychnyi" and "Bayka" have convenient hinged swing top plugs, providing them with a special Ukrainian flavor. Besides, such plugs are an element of protection against counterfeiting, for which these drinks obtained extra scores in the test.

Physical and chemical indicators

"White" vodka is subdivided into two categories, classical and special. Vodka is treated with an adsorbent (activated carbon) and filtered. The liquid should be transparent, without sediments and visible impurities.

In the laboratory, the specialists have checked first the physical and chemical properties of the test samples, namely, the hardness, as well as the content of fusel oils and aldehydes. The hardness of all participants was identical to the one stated on the label, 40%. Fusel oils, despite the fact that they are widely used in food and perfume industry, are very unwelcome in alcoholic drinks. They spoil the taste, and result in adverse syndromes in the morning. Aldehydes are harmful, too. If they are many, the beverage acquires a bitter and pungent smell. Fortunately, all tested samples have passed the test well. None of the samples exceeded the permissible levels of fusel oils and aldehydes.

Organoleptic assessment (taste, color, flavor)

The most important testing phase is organoleptic tests. According to the director of the Institute of Consumer Expertise, Yuriy Chernobrivets, the test leader has demonstrated excellent performance. "It shows that vodka is based on the best spirit of "deluxe" class. Also, thanks to the dual distillation technology, the beverage taste has acquired brilliance and lightness," the expert explains.

The tasting was held in three stages in a blinded form. This means that the experts have not seen what kind of vodka brand they try. Such a complex process of the organoleptic ranking is determined by its extreme importance for the study as a whole and its objectivity. Therefore, vodka was tasted by ordinary consumers (probands), as well as two mutually independent professional expert taster panels.

The scores were assigned according to a 10-point scale. On the basis of tasting, the arithmetic mean value for each represented vodka was calculated. As a result, the highest number of total points was scored by "Pervak Domashnіy Pshenychnyi." The tasters noted its mellow taste, pure vodka aroma and conformity to the high quality standards. The manufacturers explain that such product properties are achieved due to home recipes, natural ingredients and unique dual beverage distillation technology. Besides, the tasting leader is sold at the best price, which is a significant advantage for consumers.

The study findings show that responsible manufacturers of vodka beverages continue to adhere to high standards. This is true for all aspects, design, physical and chemical indicators, organoleptic properties, as well as the quality level assurance.

Name Code of compliance in the report Manufacturer Total score
"Bayka Stepova Pshenychna" 1812 NGK LLC 8.2
"Pervak Domashnіy Pshenychnyi" 1814 UDK LLC 9.8
"Khlibnyi Dar Pshenychnyi" 1815 NGK LLC 9.6
"Kozatska Rada Origіnalna" 1813 NGK LLC 9.3
«PRIME Svіtovyi Klas" 1811 PRIME LGZ LLC 9.0


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